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by Ruth Tuttle Conard

From the back cover of Designer Women: Come and walk beside ten women of the Bible on their life journeys. Women like us, even though their customs and times are very different from ours. Look closely at the choices they are given and the opportunities taken or lost. They become confused, weary and lost, wondering about the outcome of their actions. They dance for joy, weep over the good, see visions, dream dreams and risk their lives for the kingdom. Can’t you see your own life reflected in theirs? You will see God draw near to each one whether married or single, slave or free, risque or righteous, regardless of age. He gifts each one uniquely, guiding each one forward, forgiving and restoring, seeing each one as a special design… a designer item from the very house of her Maker, God! They are made in the imago dei, in God’s very image. For that very reason, God also longs to see you go forward. These stories, interspersed with examples from the authors life, will encourage and challenge you. Within these pages, based on Gods own Word, you will find freedom to follow Christ wholeheartedly, according to your Holy Spirit gifting. Freedom to speak the truth, ask forgiveness, make choices, take new steps, follow with passion the Lover of your soul. Freedom to live joyfully within your own context, standing tall as a pillar designed for a palace, because your designer is God, your intentional, loving Creator.

Designer Women: Made By God: Suggested Donation $15

DESIGNER WOMEN is available at


Study guide for DESIGNER WOMEN, that can be used individually or in groups.

Designer Women Study Guide: Suggested Donation $10

Designer Women Study Guide and Designer Women: Made by God Book: Suggested Donation $25


The Aware of Series is built around the church calendar, celebrating Christmas (Aware of His Coming), Lent (Aware of His Suffering), Easter (Aware of His Spirit), and Pentecost (Aware of His Dwelling).

These books are a unique way to be drawn to Christ at these special times of the year. Ruth’s poetry with Scripture and room for your own reflections, will deepen your awareness of Christ’s presence and love.  Use them individually or enjoy them in a group setting.


by Ruth Tuttle Conard

Available directly from Designed to Be Pillars.


Aware of His Coming Devotional: Suggested Donation $10


by Ruth Tuttle Conard

Available directly from Designed to Be Pillars.


Aware of His Spirit Devotional: Suggested Donation $10


by Ruth Tuttle Conard

Available directly from Designed to Be Pillars.


Aware of His Dwelling Devotional: Suggested Donation $10

MOMENTS OF AWE: Devotions for New Moms

by Ruth Tuttle Conard

These 50 devotions provide a gentle, undemanding format that will move mothers from the wonder of the first few moments with a new baby through the normal feelings of frustration, loneliness, and even depression. Through Scripture, reflection questions and prayers, they all work together to affirm that God is near.

A great gift for a new mom! Also very effective for churches with a ministry to new moms, MOPS, or other ministries targeting mothers.

Moments of Awe Devotional: Suggested Donation $10




contributed to by Ruth Conard Holy Bible: Mosaic is about helping you encounter Christ in a deep and authentic way, through insight from every continent and century of the Christian Church. Historical and contemporary art and writings from across the globe offer a depth of Scriptural wisdom and understanding as you read and reflect on God’s word. Mosaic is arranged so that every week has variety of content for reading and reflection. Each week follows a theme appropriate to the Church season (such as Advent, Easter, etc). The content included for each week includes full-color art; Scripture readings; a historical reading; a contemporary reading; a prayer, creed, hymn or quote; and space for reflection.

The MOSAIC BIBLE is available at Amazon

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